General meeting and shareholders' meetings

The next annual general meeting will be held on Wednesday, 4 March 2020, 5.00 PM at Rofi-Centre in Ringkøbing, Denmark. The shareholders' meetings will be held in week 11 and 12.

Ordinary general meeting

Considerations of space required the ordering of an admission card for the general meeting in accordance with the bank’s articles of association by 11.59 p.m. Friday 28 February 2020, after which time admission cards can no longer be ordered.

Order admission card for general meeting


Shareholders' meetings

In addition to the general meeting, shareholders have the opportunity to attend a shareholder meeting. Considerations of space require the ordering of admission card by 11.59 p.m. Wednesday 4 March 2020, after which time they can no longer be ordered.

Order admission card for shareholder meeting

Date Shareholders' meetings
10 March 2020, 5.00 PM
Bechs Hotel, Tarm
12 March 2020, 5.00 PM Aalborg Kongrescenter
17 March 2020, 5.00 PM Femhøje Idrætscenter, Hjørring
18 March 2020, 5.00 PM Arena Nord, Frederikshavn