Tax residency outside Denmark

If you are subject to the tax rules of another country, we need information from you.

We are required by the Danish tax authorities to examine where our customers are taxable. We therefore need to ask our customers, whether they are taxable in another country.

If you are taxable in another country, we may send information to the Danish tax authorities. This information is then forwarded to the tax authorities in the country where you are taxable.

By collecting this information from all our customers, we contribute to creating a safe and healthy society and prevent tax evasion and other types of financial crime.

The following forms can be used for reporting:

Customer Country Form  
U.S. person USA W9  
NON U.S. person USA W8-BEN  
Individuals Other countries Egenerklæring Privat – Dansk
Self-certification form Individual – English
Selbstauskunft Privat – Deutsch  
Entities Both USA and other countries Egenerklæring Erhverv Dansk Selskab – Dansk
Egenerklæring Udenlandsk selskab – Dansk
Self-certification form Entities – English
Selbstauskunft Firmen - Deutsch

Description of the countries' TIN numbers (tax numbers) can be found on the OECD homepage.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us by phone 7624 9393 or

Note that we do not provide tax consulting.